Uncompromised Business Resilience
  • StratITsphere Data Center Solutions is a fully integrated, infrastructure service provider that is constructing a new, Tier IV designed facility named StratITsphere Alpha 25 miles northwest of downtown Houston. StratITsphere Alpha will provide a full suite of data center services and business continuity solutions to its customers. The facility is located outside the 500 year flood zone and off of any major thoroughfare. This data center is a newly designed, state of the art facility and is being built with the most recently recognized best practices known within the data center world. All of the redundancy our customers require is built into the design. Combined with our Echo and Foxtrot facilities, StratITsphere can offer you uncompromised business resilience.

  • Enable Business Agility
  • Strategy & Architecture
  • Security & Compliance
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Supplement Your Talent
  • 24x7 manned Operations Control Center
  • Remote Engineers (T&M or Retainer) – remote troubleshooting, configuration and setup
  • Monitoring – network, servers, environmental
  • System Administration & Support – system patching, firewall management
  • Business Continuance – storage, offsite data archiving, secure tape storage
  • Virtualization – We can provide virtual infrastructure or manage yours
  • Relocation – decertification, transportation, rack and stack, and recertification
  • Cloud computing – computing and applications on demand
  • Work Area Recovery – shared or dedicated space, offices and conference rooms, voice and data
Custom Data Storage

To host your critical infrastructure data, StratITsphere solutions can be completely customized and can range from individual storage cabinets, custom cages or to the even larger datacenter suites (PODS). With our ample expansion space, StratITsphere can build out space according to individual requirements. If you are interested in registering for a tour of our facility, click here.

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